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The MI Open Book Project resources are designed to be utilized in a variety of ways.


1)  An enhancement to current classroom studies.

   Whatever the curriculum you have in place, if it centers around the Michigan Content Expectations, the MI Open Books can enhance your curriculum with additional resources and activities to practice mastery.





2)  A way to make up missed content

   If a student is absent during a day's instruction, short reading assignments complete with interactive content can be assigned to get kids up to speed.





3)  As a way to "flip" part of your social studies class.

   Send kids home with their brief reading assignments (complete with interactive content) and use class time to go deeper into the concepts and skills in your classes.





4)  As a way to practice inquiry in the classroom.

   Each book, chapter, and in some cases section center around one or more inquiry questions to guide students through classroom investigations.





5)  As a true "Michigan based" solution

   Textbooks and their accompanying resources are great things!  Unfortunately very few have actually been designed with Michigan in mind, rather - other states have a larger role in shaping publication demands.  The MI Open Books are designed by Michigan teachers for Michigan teachers.  See the About the Project page for more details.





6)  Independent student review

    If students are absent the books are a great way to make up some of the missed content, but as students prepare for assessments in the classroom the text serves a similar purpose.





7)  Online Assessment Readiness

    Many of the technology tools embedded into the books mimic certain kinds of activities students will encounter in online assessments.





8)  A tool for differentiation

    With a plethora of activities included, students at different levels are able to approach the content within the book at different skill levels.




9)  Accessibility for students with special needs

    With built in tools on tablet and computing devices, students will have some of the supports they need hardwired into their devices.




10)  As the basis for your own book!

   Static textbooks can't be customized.  MI Open Book as a name has several meanings.  While you can take a book and download it verbatim for use in your classroom, the source files will also be released to Michigan teachers to customize and make their own.



The MI Open Books are NOT a substitute for good teaching, but rather, a powerful additional tool in a teacher's toolkit.







Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education