Michigan Open Book Project Logo, a book with Michigan in it rising out of a tablet

A simple math problem:  T+D+TE=MOBP


T = Textbooks - your district spends thousands of dollars on them, but they were written for other states and by the time they make it to you, they're already out of date.


D = Devices - your district is getting more devices every year.  Perhaps an update to the aging computer lab.  Perhaps a mobile lab of tablets to check out for your classroom.  Maybe you're going 1:1.  Whatever the scenario, more devices are making their way into Michigan schools each year.


TE = Teacher Empowerment - The best teachers know their content and know how to reach their students.


When you add these things up you get the heart and soul of the MI Open Book Project.


The MI Open Book Project was a multi-year initiative funded as part of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) which empowered groups of master teachers to come together, collaborate, and develop a open education resource for use in classrooms around Michigan.


The final products will continue to be available on this website as soon as they are ready.  Even cooler, the source files (iBooks Author and Word formats) will continue to be updated and made available as well!


All books will run on iOS, OSX, Andriod, Windows, and Chrome.  (In-book functionality will differ depending on the platform and some platforms will require more Internet connectivity than others)
















Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education

Contact the Project Manager:  david.johnson[AT]wmisd.org