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The 3rd Grade Michigan Studies book will consist of five major units with sections within each focused on the four main disciplines and public policy.


Chapter 1 – What makes Michigan Special?

Supporting questions:

What can we use to learn about the geography of Michigan?

What natural and human characteristics are significant in Michigan?


Section 1:  Introduction to Michigan


Section 2:  What is a State?


Section 3:  What are the significant features of Michigan?


Section 4:  The Great in the Great Lakes


Section 5:  Michigan’s Human Characteristics


Section 6:  Natural Resources


Section 7:  Regions


Chapter 2 – What factors most specifically impact Michigan’s Economy?


Supporting Questions:

How does our location and resources affect our economy?

What role does specialization and trade play in our lives?

How does scarcity influence our economy?


Section 1:  What is Economics?


Section 2:  Productive Resources


Section 3:  Scarcity, Choice, Opportunity Cost


Section 4:  Michigan’s Economy Today


Section 5:  Specialization and Interdependence


Section 6:  Michigan’s Economic Future


Section 7:  Public Issues – Wind farms


Chapter 3 –How did the movement of people impact the early history of Michigan?


Supporting Questions:

What ways have the people of Michigan interacted with their environment?

What push and pull factors influenced the movement of people in Early American History?

What consequences resulted from the interactions between various cultural groups?


Section 1:  Historical Thinking


Section 2:  Indigenous People – Then and Now


Section 3:  The French and the Fur Trade


Section 4:  The British


Section 5:  Pioneer Settlement


Section 6:  The Road to Statehood


Section 7:  Public Issues – Net Fishing


Chapter 4:  How has Michigan Changed over Time?

Supporting Questions:

How did the people of Michigan interact with their environment?

How has technology and natural resources affected the development of our state?


Section 1:  Farming


Section 2:  Lumbering


Section 3:  Mining


Section 4:  Manufacturing


Section 5:  The Auto Industry


Section 6:  Migration and Immigration


Chapter 5:  How does the government of Michigan respond to the needs of its people?


Supporting Questions:

How is the state government organized?

What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens?

Why do we need a state government?





Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education