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From the Michigan Content Expectations:

Sixth grade students will review the tools and mental constructs used by historians and geographers. They

will develop an understanding of the  global world and will study contemporary geography of the Eastern Hemisphere. Contemporary civics/government and economics content is integrated throughout the year. As a capstone, the students will conduct investigations about past and present global issues. Using significant content know ledge, research, and inquiry, they will analyze the issue and propose a plan for the future. As part of the inquiry, they compose civic, persuasive essays using reasoned argument.



Overview of the MI Open Book Project World Geography Text

With a shift towards World Geography in the 6th grade and different patterns that could be traversed even with a newer/clearer direction, the World Geography team wanted to take the best approaches employed by different organizations and provide something unique but familiar, an additional resource useful whether you're teaching through the five themes of geography, focusing on spatial thinking, or still looking at regions.


**The Sixth Grade book will include a digital student journal that tracks their understanding of the continuous inquiry question:  How are we, as members of a global society connected?**


Foundations Unit:

  • How are we, as members of a global society connected?


Movement Theme: (Studied through US and Canada)

  • Why do people move?
  • Why would you move?
  • What’s worth moving to or from?


Human/Environment Interaction Theme: (Studied through Latin America and the Caribbean)

  • How do people’s actions impact the world?
  • How does the environment affect human behavior and actions?


Economics In Depth:  (Studied through Russia)


Location Theme:  (Studied through North Africa and the Middle East)

  • How does where you live impact how you live?
  • How does culture impact a person’s perspective?


Place Theme:  (Studied through Sub Saharan Africa)

  • How does history impact the culture of a region?
  • How do the people of Sub-Saharan Africa overcome the many challenges they face?


Regions Theme:  (Studied through South Asia)

  • What does population growth look like?
  • How does the population of a place impact how and where you live?


Civics In Depth:  (Studied through Asia)


History In Depth:  (Studied through Oceania and Antarctica)

  • How does where you live impact how you live?
  • How does where societies develop influence their place in the world?
  • How do island people survive when surrounded by an ocean?
  • How does the history of Antarctica impact it's role in the world today?






Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education

Contact the Project Manager:  david.johnson@wmisd.org

These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.