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Chapter 1:  The Gilded Age

Do the economic benefits of the Industrial Revolution outweigh the social and environmental costs?


Chapter 2:  Progressive Reform

How effective was the Progressive Movement at solving America’s problems?


Chapter 3:  Becoming a World Power

How successful was the U.S. in balancing the ideals of democracy with those of imperialism as America became a world power?


Chapter 4:  Boom & Bust

How did the decade of the 1920s illustrate social, economic, and political change in the United States?


Chapter 5:  World War II

Did the conduct of the U.S. during WWII consistent with its core democratic values?


Chapter 6:  Post-War Challenges

Did America’s search for a “new normal” strike a balance between individual (freedoms and) opportunities and national security in the postwar years?


Chapter 7:  The 1960s

How successful was the US in expanding opportunities for all Americans?


Chapter 8:  The 1970s and Vietnam

To what extent was American democracy strengthened or weakened during the era of Vietnam and the 1970s?


Chapter 9:  The 1980s and the End of the Cold War


Chapter 10:  Modern Problems 1990s & Today




Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education