You've made the decision to jump in and begin working on your own version of the Michigan Open Book materials.  Welcome!  From the inception of the project the idea of creating an open source resource for K-12 teachers has been at the forefront, and we're glad you're exploring the potential of OERs.


The source materials are available for download through this portion of the website.  Before downloading anything it is important to understand copyright and its place in K-12 education.  We either built graphics from scratch or obtained permission for inclusion within our resources.  In many cases we send students directly to a website to learn and explore.  We have NOT however, included copyright protected materials within our digital pages.  Much of what was included was licensed through Creative Commons or created specifically for the project.


To understand the differences between what you can and can't include we have created a very brief course on copyright which you need to take before accessing our source files.  Once you have completed it you may return here and move on to the next step.

I have taken the copyright course and am ready to move on to step two!

Materials developed under a grant from the Michigan Department of Education

These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.

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